Worth the Wait

Since we bought our home six months ago, there has been one major project that we couldn’t wait to tackle, having the rather large Spruce tree removed from our front yard.

Well, when I arrived home yesterday from my day at DDA I was thrilled to see the Spruce tree was no more. We intend to put a smaller tree, maybe a Dogwood or Cherry Blossom, in its place but they say we have to wait at least one year before we do so.

A note worthy website takes time to write, design, and develop depending on the size and complexity. Some sites can take months to complete. Once a site is launched the search engines will put it in the “sandbox” for any given number of months. The sandbox is a holding area for newly-registered domains and domains with frequent nameserver changes. Once the site is released from the sandbox the rankings will quickly increase and our client will finally see the true final product.

In a way, I feel as though I can relate to our clients for whom we design and develop websites. The initial wait to complete the project at hand feels as though it lasts forever. Once the project is complete there is another step before you can enjoy to true final product.