Writing Full Circle

Some people are skeptical to have a copywriter take on the tasks of writing about their company, products, or services. They think, “How could they possibly know about my industry the way I do?” or “I’m a fairly descent writer so I’ll take a stab at it and save a few bucks on copywriting expenses.”

As Lead Writer at our marketing and advertising agency, I’m here to tell you that our copywriting department is comprised of highly educated individuals who have received degrees in Professional/Creative/Technical Writing, Communications/Media Writing, Journalism, and more. We’ve written about everything from pet products and jewelry to medical devices and CNC machining. In fact, the list is rather extensive and impressive. Ask our New Business Development team!

For example, today I will be working on search engine optimization copywriting for a urology practice in Arizona. When I get to the page on male incontinence, I’ll likely be writing about available treatment options – one being an adjustable male sling system, which was the topic of a brochure I worked on two years ago for a medical device company in Argentina. You see, we don’t just write for many different industries, we write from many different perspectives within an industry, and in some cases (like the one aforementioned), we write with an international business sense. Simply put, we bring more to the table than you think.

Not to mention, in another two weeks, I will have been at our agency for five years and it has routinely been my experience that those who decide to take on sizable writing projects never get them done, and if they do, the writing is never completed in a reasonable time frame and the quality is poor. It can literally be the reason why projects get shelved for years. Plus, our copywriting fees are very reasonable and affordable.

When you are embarking on your next marketing or advertising project, leave the writing to the professionals, so you can focus on the big picture and how our end product will impact your bottom line.