You Can Do It, Put Your TRAC Into It

About 6 years ago, DDA, a search engine marketing company, created an online tracking system called the DDA-TRAC. TRAC stands for Time Resource and Accounting. This way, whether I am registering URLs, optimizing websites or purchasing images for print projects, every minute is accounted for.

In the beginning, there were many TRACs left running, time assigned to the wrong project, or TRACs that were not logged into. But as the years passed and after many reminders of “Are you logged in?,” the TRAC has become second nature. It is the first thing I do when I come into work and the last click before I leave for the day.

We use our online tracking system for each and every project that comes through the doors and emails of DDA. Whether it is website design, website improvements, graphic design projects, animations or any of the numerous services that we provide, everything is logged in and every minute is accounted for. Each TRAC for every project accompanies the invoice, so our clients know exactly what they are being billed for. They can also see that not a single minute is wasted time.

Every once in a while there is a new “TRAC tool” that our programmers have created. Opening the email describing the new way to use the TRAC is like opening a present! Okay, so maybe I get a little too excited over these new options. But hey, I have been using the TRAC since it was first built, and any improvement is an exciting one to me!