You didn’t forget about Usability did you?

You’ve been optimizing away and now you have great rankings for your site and you’re getting lots of quality traffic, but wait, why is no one converting into a customer?

Oh yes, that’s right, I forgot all about usability.

As silly as this may seem, clients who are excited about search engine ranking often focus too much on them and how to generate more traffic when their energy may be better spent converting the existing traffic into clients.

Usability is a huge topic and should be addressed from the very preplanned stage of a website. A little footnote here, if you present your content in a user-friendly way, then more often than not, that is an ideal way for the search engine spiders to find and digest your content as well.

The Golden rule is to make sure that a user can find the information they are looking for with the minimal amount of effort. Keep that in mind and you shouldn’t go wrong.

On a more complicated level, this breaks down into a million sub categories. Take the simple task of adding pictures to your site. How many images do I use? What style is best? What format? What size? How compressed should it be? What is the ratio of text to images?

For example, if I’m buying a piece of jewelry, what is more important to the user — how it looks, what it looks like from a different view, the dimensions of it, how much it costs, or the size of it?

All of these are important but if all are presented with the same weight, the consumer would be overwhelmed.

Once you have decided how to present that information, did you take into account the users level of expertise? Now do I mean the user level of comfort navigating a website/using a computer or the user’s knowledgeablity of jewelry? Of course I meant both and both have to be factored in.

Suddenly it’s a lot more complicated than just putting up a picture of a broach.

There is a solution and it’s Us. That is DDA. We have more than a decade of experience in creating user-friendly websites, so stop by to check out our new building, and while you’re here, let us show you how we can convert your traffic into sales.