Add Bait for More Traffic and Increased Links

Linkbaiting is a term used in Search Engine Optimization to describe numerous ways to generate incoming links. Because there are so many ways in which linkbaiting can be used it’s actually a hard word to define.

A good way is to describe a number of linkbaiting techniques.

  1. Quizzes Contests and Surveys are a great way to get people to participate in your site and in turn link to your site to show their participation or encourage their friends to beat your score on your quiz.
  2. A cool tool: If you create a useful tool for your industry not only will your traffic increase as people utilize it but it will naturally attract links too.
  3. Scoops — If you are first and have a breaking news article or can expose a fraud in your niche.
  4. Awards — Give out awards to website/blogs in your field.
  5. Controversy — A risky one, but done well, a risky article or post can create hundreds of incoming links.

Overall Linkbaiting is good for your site in two ways — it generates more direct traffic and then it increases your links,  which in turn improves your search engine ranking.