10 Tips for Marketing Your Company with Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere in our social media lives.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest all utilize these little tags of metadata. Although these tags may seem insignificant, they’re a great tool to let other social media users know about your company.  The trick is knowing how to use them to your advantage.  Here are 10 tips to help increase engagement about your product throughout a variety of social media platforms.

1.   Check what’s trending.  If a certain hashtag is relative to what your company’s focus is, then go for it.  Participating in a trending hashtag will allow your post to be seen by more people than if it were to stand alone.

2.   Use your hashtag on all social media.  Don’t limit hashtags to one platform.  Hashtags are supported on numerous social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google, and YouTube.  Using a specific hashtag throughout an assortment of social media platforms will give it a better chance of being seen by more people.

3.   Don’t overdo it.  Don’t get too hashtag-happy.  While adding two or three hashtags to a post is okay, any more than that looks cluttered and disorganized.  Know what type of an audience you want to capture with your hashtags, and work from there.

4.   Also, don’t overcomplicate it.  Even though you do want to limit your hashtags, this doesn’t mean you can turn your hashtags into long sentences.  Keep it simple, easy to read, and relatable to your audience.

5.   Research to prevent duplicates.  If you have a unique hashtag idea, be sure to research it before using it.  There may be a chance that another company or product has used it before, so double-check that you aren’t going to confuse your audience.

6.   Hosting an event?  Hashtag it!  Hashtags are great for events, and they give an opportunity for people to make live updates.  Use the name of your event with the year, and you have a hashtag people can use to post pictures and status updates.  It will create more noise, no matter what social media platform you’re using.  Not only will this benefit you, but this will also allow your attendees to see what other people are posting regarding your event.

7.   Individualize your hashtag.  Allow your hashtag to speak volumes about your company.  Have a product that will spark interest among people on social media?  Don’t be afraid to use it.  The more people use your hashtag, especially if it is your product’s name, the more people will be aware of what your company offers.

8.   General hashtags are useful also.  Hashtags such as #marketing, #webdesign, and other general terms are great to mix in with your own individual hashtags.  Do you specialize in a certain service?  Use it as a hashtag.  Featuring a collection of hashtags within your status update will produce a mixture of users, from precise searchers to general social media onlookers.  You can come across users who didn’t know about your company until they encountered your status.

9.   Display your hashtag in advertising.  While using your hashtag in your status updates is helpful, it doesn’t hurt to take that extra step and use your unique hashtag in your advertising materials.  This will take your hashtag beyond the computer or mobile device and make people aware of it.

10.   Have fun with it, and make people want to use it.  Not only can hashtags help generate business and exposure for your company, but it can also be fun for you and your consumers.  Let people take photos of how they use your products, or allow users to post brief reviews of your company.

photo credit: quinn.anya via photopin cc