Cutting Edge of Technology

This weekend I had the opportunity to try out the new Adobe After Effects CS5 on my buddy’s computer. Although the user interface was virtually identical to the previous CS4 version, I’ve heard some incredible things about some of the new features like the new RotoBrush Tool, FreeForm and Refine Matte effect plug-ins and the faster native 64-bit OS support. Needless to say, I was eager to see what all of the talk was about!

The first thing I noticed (other than a completely overhauled start-up splash screen) was that all of the computer’s RAM was being utilized. Finally! There’s nothing more frustrating than upgrading your computer’s memory only to find out that your software is expandable to a measly 3 GB (like in AE CS4). This is a significant step forward in itself! Not only will RAM previews take less time to render, but you’ll be able to see more of your work with longer RAM previews.

I decided to try out the highly anticipated RotoBrush Tool. This tool is supposedly allows you to rotoscope objects with ease, isolating foreground elements from backgrounds by just “selecting” them with a paint brush- not only for a frame but over a duration of time. I was pretty skeptical about this tool at first but it proved to work surprisingly well. There was some extra refining needed but overall, this tool could potentially save hours of work in post!

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