A Pre-Production Machine

Last night a friend showed me a YouTube video that impressed me on many levels. The alternative rock group Ok Go (the band who became known for their creative “treadmill video“) just released another unique music video for their new song, “This Too Shall Pass.” It was so incredible that it actually made me laugh out loud when it was over.

According to the band’s site, this video was filmed in a two story warehouse in Los Angeles, CA. With the help of Syyn Labs, the band designed and built a “machine” over the course of several months. Imagine this machine as a real-life version of “Mouse Trap” only built for the pure enjoyment of watching everything unfold. It’s clear that it took many takes to get everything just right, which means every piece of the contraption had to be reset and ready for the next take. (I heard somewhere that it took between 25-30 takes to get it to work… which is why the band has paint on them and there are a bunch of busted TVs laying on the ground.)

You need to see it for yourself (and yes, this is real): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxNl9WMyC70

The amount of thought that went video is incredible- from the painstakingly intricate setup of the machine to the direction of camera motion throughout the duration of the video, not alone the time and effort that went into actually building it and making it work!

It reminds me of the amount of careful planning that goes into all of our projects here at DDA Video and DDA Medical. Throughout years of experience in the marking and advertising field, we’ve developed a highly functional pre-production project development phase that not only allows for a quicker turn around time in the long run, but also provides our clients with quality, cost-efficient results. Better pre-production planning means better end products!