Adding Character to your Project

Think of all the characters you remember from your favorite books, movies, or real life. What makes them memorable? Is it the way they looked, acted, smelled, or talked? These characteristics are some of the features to focus on when you want to produce something unforgettable yourself. Adding a character that’s recognizable, relatable, or unique will give your project the power to remain in the hearts and minds of viewers everywhere.

Creating a recognizable character can be as easy as using the characteristics of a famous figure and making that character your own. Well-known figures have their own set of identifiable features, such as speech, appearance, mannerisms, etc., but they can still be applied to your project in a way that only captures some of these qualities while being distinct. Storytellers may use a James Bond-like character but give him or her a different name, back-story, and appearance. Change their look, gender, or even make a famous good guy into a bad guy. You see this sort of character development in many current movies and books. How many stories are there now with brooding vampires, clever wizards, or hungry zombies? Put your own spin on it, for there are many ways for these familiar characters to gain new life.

Relatable characters are made when you identify situations that others can connect with. Did a character just adopt a baby, lose their job, write a novel, fall in love, or contract a disease? How does this character deal with this situation and why should the viewer care? Think of your character’s back-story to help add dimension and make him or her more memorable. The entire story doesn’t need to come out in the final project, but by knowing your character’s strengths, flaws, and habits, you make them more believable, therefore, more relatable. Give your character a purpose in life, and you give your viewer a reason to watch.

Uniqueness is sure to make a character stand out. Create a superhero that does more than just fly, a vampire that eats cherry water ice, a politician that actually makes a difference. A unique personality, occupation, destination, or goal can make for a exceptional concept that others will remember.

See if you can identify the recognizable character in the video below and watch how their personalities and back-stories are developed in less than a minute.

the future by ddavideo on GoAnimate

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Professional Video Character Production

Creating a character for your video or other project is easy when you have the right tools. Not only does Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) have a state-of-the-art video studio in-house to create memorable videos, but the staff of professional writers, designers, animators, illustrators, and programmers can bring characters to life. DDA also keeps a gallery of professional narrators through the DDA Actors’ Network (Gallery 1 and Gallery 2) to give these characters a voice. When you want to add life to your project with a recognizable, relatable, and unique character that viewers will remember for years to come, contact DDA to learn how.



Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clipart