Airplanes, Buses, Cars, Birds, Wind…

What do all of these things have in common? They make noise when you don’t want them to!

Last Thursday, Laurence and I were in Chester, PA taping an interview series for a web video to be edited for the client’s website. Since the first interview was outside of the building, we immediately started scouting for a good shoot location. We didn’t waste any time! After setting up all of our camera and lighting equipment, we rehearsed with the talent for a few moments and went straight to work.

Needless to say, it was a good thing our talent had practiced the script numerous times before we got there. Every time we would start recording, an airplane would fly overhead, truck’s brakes would squeal, the wind would pick up, car doors would slam, or a group of rambunctious people would walk by… all causing distractions in our audio capture. Sometimes 4-5 different ambient sounds would happen at once causing our audio levels to peak. It was a bit comedic at first but let me tell you it got old real fast. It was a good thing we took numerous takes of each section of the script so our video editors will have plenty of options when working in post. Thankfully, the rest of the interview locations were indoors, away from any outside distractions!

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