A  pps are the latest craze. These days, you can find an app for just about anything. From business organizers and corporate training tools to promotional games and virtual medical simulations (VMS), our AppleSavvy team will gladly develop a mobile application that fits your company’s needs.

P  eople use mobile devices every day. With the latest technology, users are able to stay connected at all times whether a fixed internet connection or Wi-Fi connection is present or not. It’s time to use this to your advantage- Increase your internet traffic by creating a mobile-friendly site so all web users can easily find your company!

P romote your product or service through essential applications that people can’t live without! Our top notch design and project planning team can develop custom apps to meet your specifications. Already have an idea for an app? We’ll gladly work with you to turn your vision into a reality!

L  aunch your new mobile website and mobile applications with confidence. DDA has years of web development and application programming experience to ensure you’re satisfied with your new mobile look.

E  xceptional in-house digital design staff and facility. At DDA, everyone and everything is under one roof- web developers, graphic designers, programmers, animators, video editors, copywriters, project coordinators, and all of the state-of-the-art equipment needed to get the job done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

S  ervices. DDA has a ton of them. While upgrading your website’s compatibility, why not give your website a small makeover? Our talented team of professionals can provide you with an endless supply of web options to ensure you get what you want.

A  pple and Flash don’t get along… but that doesn’t mean your website should suffer! Allow the AppleSavvy experts make your site fully functional while reaping the benefits of HTML 5.

V  alue. DDA has offered competitive prices for all its digital advertising and marketing services since 1994. Our ability to create professional quality work on a modest budget is our forte!

V  iewable on iPads, iPhones, iTouches, and other mobile devices. With so many internet-enabled devices on the market today, the issue now turns to compatibility. Though it may not seem like too much of a problem now, you don’t want to ever be seen with broken links, missing images, or empty “flash holes” on your website. How do you think that will reflect upon your company?

Y  our website needs AppleSavvy. Even in the current economic climate, smartphones (like the iPhone) continue to gain significant market share on a global scale. Stay ahead of the trends by preparing your website for cross-platforming mobile web devices!