Clean Out Your Website

Over the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of helping my parents clean out the attic. (sarcasm switch “off”) We very rarely do this, in fact, I think the last time the attic was thoroughly cleaned out was about 20 years ago. One could only imagine the immense amount of junk that piles up over that time… especially within ten feet of the doorway! We got rid of old boxes from outdated computers and electronics, toys from when my brother and I were kids, old bikes, roller blades, and skates that hardly work. I didn’t even remember half of the stuff that we found in there. By the time we were finished, we had ourselves a completely reorganized, spacious room – we can even walk through it now!

This is much like the website optimization service we have at DDA. Our professional web specialists will gladly clean out your old website and search for inconsistent navigation, bad code, broken links, and more. Through intuitive metrics software, DDA can give you an up to the minute report of visitor traffic times, high traffic times, entry points, drop-off points, and much more to ensure your website is running efficiently as possible. Having trouble getting your website noticed in the first place? Through extensive keyword research and content development, we can give your site the highest possible search engine ranking. DDA’s organic search engine optimization uses proven techniques and strategies to ensure your customers find your site before your competitors.

So the next time you decide it’s time to clean our your attic maybe you should think about the last time your website was cleaned too!