Creating The Need

I couldn’t resist checking out what all of the commotion over in Apple land was about this afternoon. It took less than a minute of the Apple iPad demonstration video to blow me away. As an owner of the iPod Touch, I could just imagine how easy and efficient it is to operate. In fact, the interface looks almost identical so I imagine the adjustment period is next to nothing. Now, I know this isn’t something that everyone absolutely must have in order to get through daily life. Mankind survived this long without an Apple iPad so I’m sure it’s possible to get by without one. Whether your reasoning to get one is because it’s sweet gadget or because you think it’s a necessity for your business to thrive, you can’t deny it looks pretty cool.

From my understanding, it sounds like the iPad will come in various models: WiFi only, 3G only, and both. The wifi iPad will allow you to pick up a wifi signal and surf much like a iPod Touch or standard netbook. The 3G iPad will allow you to go online at any time through the 3G wireless internet but will require some sort of monthly charge. (I think it’s pay per use if I’m not mistaken?) The iPad that offers both WiFi and 3G would be the clear choice in my eyes, however, it’s a much more expensive option. Though it’s a pretty neat idea, I have a tough time paying for internet two times a month because I wouldn’t want an iPad to be my primary source of internet at home. In fact, I suppose I really don’t need an iPad at all since I own a relatively new MacBook Pro, a stacked Mac Pro desktop, and an iPod Touch. (What can I say, I’m a snotty Apple user!)

So why do gadget collectors like me still want one? Because Apple has a good advertising and marketing campaign that’s working for them. They know how to push the right buttons and wheel you in, creating a need for something you can live without. That’s something we at DDA and DDA Medical do on a regular basis. Have a new product you would like to showcase online? We have the right tools to build a one-of-a-kind web site to show off your new product with crystal clear video and images. Have a showroom? Our ability to create banners, brochures, business cards, and DVDs can enhance the presentation to entice customers to buy your product. Create the need with DDA and DDA Medical!