CS5 Leaks

As the official release date lurks around the corner, more and more information is leaking about the new Adobe Creative Suite 5. According to various sources on the net, the new software suite will run only on 64-bit machines. This provides a powerful update for those who are fortunate to have a 64-bit machine and a good reason for everyone else to upgrade their existing hardware. A few new features in the new Photoshop have been floating around too. A new brush reaction feature in Photoshop CS5 will allow colors to react similar to real paint. You’ll be able to smear and mix colors with an all new set of paintbrush tools that provide an even more realistic approach to digital imaging. Photoshop CS5 sounds like it will also be also equipped with a photo warp feature using a joint skeleton much like the Puppet Tool in After Effects. With minimal effort, digital artists could reposition a subject’s limbs or other body parts to get the perfect composition in post. A few images of the interface have been floating around but nothing sounds official. I did, however, get a kick out of this one:

(high rez photo here)

Someone actually took a photograph of a real-life Photoshop interface using cardboard, paint containers, and various tools found around the house. Either way, no matter what the interface looks like, I have no doubt that the digital artists, graphic artists, web designers, video editors and 3D animators at DDA will continue to create impressive media for web, print, and video!