DDA In 60 Seconds… Again

I just finished making some minor (but important) updates to our very own DDA In 60 Seconds promo video. Since the creation of the original video, we’ve added the DDA VMS and AppleSavvy divisions to our advertising and marketing corporation so why not let the world know?!

What’s so special about them, you ask? For starters, our sate-of-the-art virtual medical simulations engage your users by providing a computer-based hands-on learning experience. Whether it’s for education, training, safety, events, or promotional use, DDA VMS can design and develop the perfect simulation tool for your target audience. You can check out some examples at our VMS site. I must say they look slick!

Need an application to run on a mobile device like the iPhone or iPad? Want a website designed to look great on any mobile device? AppleSavvy is the perfect solution for mobile and universal web browsing. Now that the number of mobile web user is on the rise, you’ll want to be prepared. How do you think an unformatted, non-functional web site would reflect on your company? It would be a shame if something as silly as that turned away potential customers!

DDA’s 9 divisions offer hundreds of advertising and marketing solutions from web site design and flash development to digital video and graphic design. Check out our website to learn more.