DDA Makes You Look Good

The weather is starting to catch up with the season as we progress through this month of December. This past weekend started out with the season’s first snow fall lasting several hours on Saturday afternoon. I was a bit worried because I had plans to see my friend’s band, The Beekeepers, play at a local coffee house that night. Fortunately, the snow plows came prepared and monitored every nearby road.

The band was very entertaining as usual, playing the perfect blend of crowd favorites and new material. Though during the show, I couldn’t help but notice a web cam and mic across the room recording the band’s entire set. I discovered that they were actually streaming the show online. Sounded pretty cool!

Later that night, my curiosity got the best of me and I logged on to check out how the show looked and sounded on their website. Although the band’s performance was just as good as I remembered it, I found myself distracted by the slow frame rate, blocky video compression and distorted audio. I was so used to the crystal clear quality of DDA’s live streaming and webcasting capabilities that I had to turn it off.

DDA offers several high-quality live or archived webcasting solutions for your business, trade show events, and even your band. Capture show-goers attention with broadcast-quality videos and improve communication by providing visual connections through the internet. Webcasting allows people to partake in events, meetings, and presentations from the comfort of their home even if it’s snowing outside! Check out our website and see how DDA can make YOU look good on the internet!