Digital Balancing Act

This morning I was exporting and reviewing several test renders of web-based eLearning instructional videos. Since these high resolution video files are associated with large files sizes, they must be compressed before it’s uploaded to the web. Video compression is basically the process of throwing away bits of data that we can’t perceive. This makes the file size more manageable- but the more you compress, the more data you end up throwing away. If you get rid of too much data, the compression becomes more noticeable and effects the quality of the video. It’s a digital balancing act starring file size and quality. Here at DDA Video, we want to make sure our web videos have the best of both worlds- putting your product in the spotlight!

When integrating video on a web page, you have to consider your audience’s internet connection. Not everyone will have a speedy fiber-optic internet connection. And although the use of dial-up is slowly dying, it still exists and should be considered to reach the maximum number of visits. We keep all internet connections in mind when designing custom web sites to ensure everyone has a positive viewing experience.

We have a slew of custom made medical web sites that utilize several different types of web media. Check out DDAMedical to see some examples!