DSLR Camera Technology

The use of DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) cameras is getting more and more popular among photographers these days. What’s interesting to note is that more and more digital videographers are starting to become interested in these cameras as well. Why? Well, take the Canon 5D Mark II for instance. This isn’t your typical every day “point and shoot” camera that you bust out at a family get-together. Not only is it a 21-megapixel still camera that takes amazing photographs but its also a “hybrid” camera that shoots full 1080p high definition video.

As a videographer myself, I initially found it hard to believe that a still camera could deliver comparable video to a professional grade HD video camera. I mean, c’mon, all digital still cameras “primary” function is to take photographs, right? The video feature is usually just a little extra bonus that makes the product a bit more marketable. The body is smaller, making stabilization tough without a tripod, the on-board microphone is near-worthless, and on top of that, you usually need the perfect lighting conditions to get an acceptable picture. Or so I thought…

After doing a little research online, I’m now starting to believe you can get remarkable video quality with these cameras. I found a very interesting article about the use of DSLR cameras in any project, including major motion pictures. Philip Bloom, director and filmmaker, was invited to the LucasFilms Skywalker Ranch to show off the DSLR’s video capabilities. Once the test video was shot and edited, it was projected onto a 40 foot big screen to simulate what it would look like in theaters. It was a success! I encourage you to check out the beautiful demonstration video.

As a leader in digital advertising and marketing, we at DDA Video and DDA Medical  are always keeping a close eye on new technology trends. Our in-house studio is equipped with high definition video and still cameras, a sea of lighting equipment, and of course, a chroma green screen. With the help of the latest software and highly trained digital artists, we’re able to create the most effective medical education and corporate marketing  tools, virtual medical simulations and other medical eLearning platforms.