eLearning Tools In The Works

DDA CMT has been hard at work developing the latest in corporate and medical eLearning technology.

Over the past few months, Rob has been constructing 3D animations showing the different stages of human swallowing. These animations will then be synced with the corresponding fluoroscopy videos with the same swallowing type in an easy-to-navigate eLearning flash interface. Users will be able to choose between various animation angles, giving complete control over what they want to view.

It’s exciting to see such an intuitive project come together. With elements of 3D modeling and animation, video, web design, and programming, this eLearning tool is being carefully constructed to give the user a truly exceptional online experience.

I can’t wait to see what it will look like when it’s done! To see more learning tools DDA CMT has created, check out DDACMT.com.