Express Yourself With Expression Scripts

I tend to look at Adobe After Effects as primarily a key frame based compositor. In the world of non-linear digital video and compositing software, a key frame is used to signify the beginning or end of a change made to the signal. Some key frames are set to create intricate animations, color changes, and 3-D camera movement while others are simply made to indicate at which point the video fades to black. Digital video editors, effects compositors, 3-D/flash animators, and other media artists are all familiar with this kind of work flow since it’s been around for quite some time.

There is, however, another way to animate objects without the traditional use of key frames. When composing complex animations and want to avoid creating tons of individual key frames by hand, the use of expressions come in handy. Through the use of mathematical formulas and commands, you can create relationships between layers and properties to dynamically animate other layers. Expressions are perfect for creating realistic hand held camera movements, altering multiple layers properties with ease or duplicating any animation you plan on reusing throughout a particular project’s timeline.

This is just another one of the time saving tools used here at DDA Video and DDA Medical. Whether editing a new product launch promotional video, compositing a medical Onlivemation eLearning tool, or developing new medical videos for web integration, we’re constantly utilizing the latest techniques to make your project stand out from the rest!