First Impressions

My friend invited me to see Vampire Weekend at the Electric Factory this weekend. I’m not too familiar with newer musical acts, so if you’ve heard of them then you must be way more hip than me. Despite my apparent “uncoolness”, I thought I’d give it a shot- the tickets were already paid for (sold out, in fact) and all I had to do was take a train into Philly. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Although I recognized only one song in the entire set list, I still found myself tapping my foot along to every tune. It was a very entertaining show and was worth way more than the price of my cheap train ticket!

The opening band, on the other hand, was a different story. Their performance wasn’t too great and sadly, I question whether or not they were even fairly represented on stage. There was no spotlight or change in lighting, the lead guitar was an obnoxiously loud squeal, the bass and drums were a muddy mess, and most importantly, there was no definition in the vocal mics. I didn’t even catch the band’s name during their introduction. This was a shame since I’m all for supporting opening acts and local music.

I’m not judging their music based on this show (especially since the E’Factory is not particularly known for excellent sound) but either way, they did not have a very strong first impression. Unfortunately, I felt like more people walked away unimpressed and unappreciative for what the band had to offer.

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