Five Reasons to Focus on Video

You may have heard how much a picture is worth, now imagine combining that picture with motion and sound. Think of how valuable your message will be then. Whether it’s a corporate or medical video, promoting a product or service, showing how-to, why not, or just for laughs, video production can set your message in motion and reach a larger audience than simple pen and paper will.

Here are five reasons why you should focus on producing a video the next time you have something you want to share:

  1. YouTube. Where do people go when they want to learn how-to do something? Most likely, they will land on a video of someone else showing them. As one of the largest search engines on the web, YouTube videos get a message across in less time than a page of content would. When information can also entertain, more people are likely to pass that information on to others, making the videos viral and the message spread rapidly. Mobile devices also now support video better, making these viral videos accessible from anywhere.
  2. Accessibility. Would you rather carry around a large binder full of information or a smaller mobile device with access to a digital video file of the same information? A recent study done by Forrester Research found that 20% of web surfers will read web content, but 80% will watch the same content presented by a video[i]. Video can say what words can’t by evoking emotion and engaging the senses. Video can go where words can’t when you want to condense the information into an accessible package.
  3. Retainability. Not only will video viewers remember more of the information provided in a video, but they are likely to become invested in the material and want to learn more. Video engages viewers’ emotions more than plain text does. Video viewers will stay on a site longer, giving marketers time to razzle dazzle.
  4. Relatablility. A video can show emotion, provide a relatable atmosphere, and humanize a situation. Wouldn’t you rather be shown than simply told something? Video can take a complex situation and thoroughly explain it through animations and virtual reality, making it truly come to life in front of viewers’ eyes.
  5. Web Savviness. Want your site to be seen first, before all your competitors? While the way search engines rank sites are always changing, video is one factor that weighs heavily on website rankings. A site that contains video is fifty times more likely to gain first page rankings on Google, and a visitor to the site is six times more likely to quickly transition from web window shopper to paying customer if they watch a video related to your product or service[ii].

Video Production Process

Even though video production in marketing, education, and entertainment holds many benefits, it will only be effective if done right. There still needs to be relevant, useful, and entertaining content to be delivered. A concept should still be clearly defined and planned, including the crew and video production equipment needed for the video. A professional video production company may be the answer in providing your company with the best video to get your message across efficiently.

Dynamic Digital Video Production Services

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is a custom video production company that has produced a wide variety of videos for corporate, promotional, trade show, medical, and training needs. With an in-house video studio and sound booth, DDA is equipped with state-of-the-art video production equipment for filming and video editing, such as green screen technology, 3D animation, and professional narration to fulfill any video need. From start to finish, DDA works with the client to ensure the video fits the vision. If you’re ready to focus on video production and looking for a professional video production company that can help take your video from conception to completion, call DDA today: 215-355-6442.