Happy New Year!

And so a new year begins. For a lot of people, not much changes once the ball drops, other than a renewed commitment to start hitting the gym…which inevitably does not last as long as one would like. I, on the other hand, do feel like I’m off to a fresh start in a very exciting way.

I’ve only recently just begun working here at DDA in the video department and honestly, I’m learning a lot. There is so much that DDA offers, and their video department is no exception. The people here really know what they are doing and I am grateful to be in their presence and to absorb all that knowledge. I just graduated from college studying film, and I certainly learned a lot, but I feel like being here just a month now is like taking a semester’s worth of classes. And that’s a great feeling.

If somebody like me who already has been practicing video production for a while now can take a lot away from DDA, those who use DDA for their video needs are going to get everything they wanted, and then some. We are actually prepping a rather large event right now, and once that is complete, we will be able to offer even more resources than we do now. Keep your eyes out for that one. It’s going to be an exciting new year.