How to Boost Sales with Video

Thanksgiving has come and gone, the holiday shopping season has officially begun! Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, shoppers have many sales to choose from, but with so many opportunities, how can businesses get shoppers in their door? Most shoppers go to the stores prepared with research of the best deals and armed with a list of items to buy. Some just go for the fun and thrill of a sale and to work off the Thanksgiving dinner.  Others get an ad they see online or on TV stuck in their head and subconsciously travel to that store.

Whatever the case, advertisement is key in drawing customers in. They need to know about the product, know about the sale, and be enticed to buy that product for the sale price at your store. During the shopping season, it’s best not to skimp on the advertising. One of the best ways to gain attention is through the use of video. Whether on TV, on your website, or anywhere online, using a promotional video will boost your marketing and advertising campaign.

Online Retail Marketing

Tis the season for retail sales, and a retail video ad can fill stockings full of money faster than print advertising alone. Why settle with just one print ad with a product or service when you can flash a number of customer needs across a screen. Video can enhance ads by creating more emotion with audio and visual cues related to the product. Placing your video online gives you a global audience, positioning your product in front of more potential customers.

Commercial video production is more than gathering a group of friends or coworkers and filming them using a product. When posting a video online for all the world to see, a professional product video will gain your company the respect it deserves. If you’re launching a new product, promoting a new sale, or simply advertising your product or services, you want to do so in the most efficient, cost-effective, and engaging way.

Corporate Video Production Services

At DDA Video, both our technical and creative staff has experience producing a range of attention-grabbing videos, from promotional commercial pieces to online informative tools. When producing a retail video, you have the choice of utilizing green screen technology, 3D animation, or illustration to enhance product and service information to gain a customer’s attention and inspire them to take action. Don’t let another shopping season go by without properly marketing your business. Contact DDA Video to learn more.


Photo credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art