How to Direct a Corporate Video

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but enhance that picture with 3D video graphics, voice over narration, music, and more, and you have a priceless marketing piece to highlight your products and services. Even the simplest corporate video can make a huge impact on the viewer. Whether you want to promote a new product, explain service offerings, or provide an overview of both, video can accomplish it all, and all in less time than it will take to read the company handbook. If you’re looking to produce a video for your company, there are a few things you need to know in order for the video production process to run smoothly.

Where to Start

Even though the video will center around your vision, you may want to consider hiring a professional video production company to take it from conception to completion. As the client, you can be as involved in the process as you want. A video production company will have the experience, skills, crew, and equipment to get the job done, but without your input the end result may fall outside your original scope. Some clients choose to pass on an initial plan and let the professionals take over. Others like to be part of each step of the production process and fine tune production along the way.

When starting any video production project, with or without a professional company behind you, you need to have a plan. Watch other videos that achieve what you’re looking to achieve, and get ideas for how you can bring your story to life.

Questions to Ask for Planning

  1. What are the goals of your video? Are you using the video to launch a product? Explain a service? Persuade, teach, or inform the viewer?
  2. Who is the viewer? Are you targeting a certain age group or geographic location? Who can benefit from this product or service?
  3. What message do you want the video to convey, and how will that message come across in visuals and audio? Will you be writing a script and providing a storyboard, or do you need professionals to help?
  4. How long will the video be? Is it a short 60-second overview? Will you be showing a five-minute demonstration? Are you looking for a 20-minute video broken down into smaller instructional chapters?
  5. Will this video be integrated into a website or formatted for DVD?
  6. Does the filming need to take place at a certain location or can it be done in a studio?
  7. Will there be on-screen talent or voice over artists needed? Are members of your staff involved in taping? Will the video benefit from on-screen testimonials from real customers?
  8. What is your budget for video production?
  9. Do you have a deadline for video completion?

Having the answers to these questions will help you start to plan for video production, and will also provide important information to production companies, if you choose to seek out professional video production services.

Video Production Process

After the initial concept is defined and a plan is put in place, it’s time to start bringing that concept to life. A video script and/or storyboard including both audio and visual cues are needed for pre-production planning, actor or voice over artist review and performance, and post-production video editing. Once all pre-production is complete and the shoot day arrives, ensure all equipment is set up properly and enough takes are filmed to provide ample clip selection for editing.

Video Production Players

All video productions need a crew. Depending on how large the production is, the number of crew members will vary. For best results, there should be someone to control lighting, sound, and camera angles. You may even opt for a hair, makeup, and wardrobe consultant. Make sure your video production crew is well briefed on all aspects of production. Whether you’re working with freelancers or a professional video production service, make sure payment is agreed upon before production and delivered shortly after.

Actors, whether on camera or off, can bring a realistic element to your video. If your video will benefit from role play, demonstrations, or testimonials, having a human element to your project that viewers can relate to will strengthen your marketing pull. Whoever you hire for your video, make sure they are briefed on all the shoot details. Will they need a specific wardrobe? If they’re using a script, will there be a teleprompter or ear prompter available? Do they need to come to set “camera-ready” (hair, makeup and wardrobe provided by talent)? How long will they be needed on set? How will they be paid? Do they need to try a product or service first and give a testimonial?

Video editors are an integral part in producing a video that tells the story you want to tell. Video editing is where the magic happens. Scenes can be cut and edited together to elicit a certain mood to the video. Quick cuts can add drama and excitement, where longer scenes paired with the right narration and background music can add more emotion or description to a piece. The editor will also need all pre-production materials, such as the script and storyboard, in order to piece the video together properly. Text, graphics, and audio are added to the video to complete the project to a client’s specifications.

Dynamic Digital Video Production Services

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is a video production company that has produced a wide variety of custom corporate videos, promotional videos, product videos, trade show videos, medical videos, training videos, and more. With an in-house video studio and sound booth, DDA is equipped with state-of-the-art video production equipment for filming and video editing, such as green screen technology, 3D animation, and professional narration to fulfill any video need. From start to finish, DDA works with the client to ensure the video fits the vision. If a client is unable to be on set during taping, DDA can set up live webcasting for the client to watch or listen and provide feedback during the process. Each step of the video production process is passed along to the client for approval.

If you’re looking for a professional video production company that can help take your video from conception to completion, call DDA today: 215-355-6442.