How to Make Your Video Super

This year’s Super Bowl had many highs and lows, from the high energy halftime show to the low lights in the stadium, but one thing that remained the same was the number of fans who watched the sporting event to catch the highly anticipated commercials. With approximately more than 100 million Super Bowl fans tuning in to the game, that’s a record number of viewers of about 45 new commercials premiering in one night.

The Cost of Super Ads

Companies with the capital can spend millions for commercial advertising, especially when there’s the potential of having this commercial seen by millions of people. The following is a look into the past of what it would cost to have your TV commercial seen by millions during the Super Bowl[i]:

  • In 1993, a 30-second Super Bowl Pepsi ad roughly cost $850,000.
  • In 1998, the average cost for 30-second Super Bowl commercial was $1.3 million.
  • By 2000, the cost of Super Bowl advertising nearly doubled to $2.2 million.

It cost about three million dollars to run an ad during the Super Bowl in 2011. This was also the year a study was conducted by Harris Interactive that found more than half of Super Bowl viewers watch the game just for the commercials, and about 65 percent of the commercial-only viewing audience were women[ii], one factor advertising agencies can keep in mind for the future.

Small businesses that don’t have millions to spend on commercial advertising or video production can still learn something from these popular ads and use their marketing techniques for trade shows, websites, or company videos for local news and events. The biggest draw these million dollar ads have is their association with a larger event: the Super Bowl. Smaller companies can still look to advertise at well publicized events or join the same organizations as larger companies in order to gain exposure. Social media makes it easier to network and grow a viewing audience as well.

Small businesses that want to take a million dollar risk could have it pay off monumentally if they have the right video. There could be a new company that no one has ever heard of before until their well-produced television commercial shows up after the second quarter of the Super Bowl. However, if a new idea only has 30 seconds to make an impression, you better make it a good one. If done right, this commercial video could capture the attention of millions watching this highly publicized event, word could spread around the water cooler the next day, and YouTube videos of it could go viral online, making this new company an MVP in their field overnight. Now that you have the viewer’s attention, be sure your products or services can live up to expectations in order to keep your fans coming back and grow an even larger following.

Five Factors for Producing a Super Bowl Worthy Video

Popular videos, no matter where, when, or how they are shown, can live on long after they premiere. Take the online success of viral videos like GANGNAM STYLE, which hit 1 billion viewers in 159 days[iii]. Certain factors impact the lifespan of a video and how it is received. Many of these factors can be seen in popular Super Bowl ads and can be applied to any video being produced.

  1. Be clear: what’s the sense of advertising something if you don’t make it clear what you’re selling. Sure, a slight element of mystery can be intriguing, but be sure to make your product or service known so the viewer will know what to look for in an online search.
  2. Strive for originality: While certain traditional or favorite characters work well for some Super Bowl commercial, such as the Budweiser® Clydesdale horses and E*TRADE babies, originality works best for the commercial newbie. Start a new trend that will be worth watching and you could create a new favorite Super Bowl commercial tradition.
  3. Tease to please: Create a teaser to your ad and post it online, whether on a social media page, website, or via email. You can still be clear in your marketing while enticing viewers to come back and watch the entire video.
  4. Get social: Interactivity will get your viewers involved in the action, making them a part of the plan, therefore more invested in the product. If you show a teaser, invite viewers to see the whole thing through another online platform, like the producers of Iron Man 3 did with their Super Bowl commercial and “extended look” on Facebook. Take Doritos’s® lead by starting a fan commercial contest and airing the winning one. Social interactivity can increase the number of viewers and turn them into fans.
  5. Access for success: Make your videos accessible to a larger audience. All Super Bowl commercials appear online the next day for those who may have missed them. Some sites even allow viewers to rate the best and worst of the evening. If you took the time and effort to put a commercial video together, make it available on your website or social media page. The more access the public has to it, the more potential views it can gain.

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