How to Multi-task and Market with Multi-screens

Who sits in front of the television, while checking email on the computer, and text messaging a friend from their smartphone? We’re all learning to multi-task using multiple screens of all sizes. Even as the screens of the streaming video devices continue to get smaller, the capabilities of their functions continue to grow. A user can now email, text, and watch TV all from their tablet or mobile phone. Not to be outdone, these functions are also transferable from a PC to a larger TV screen, turning the living room tube into a window to the world.

Multiple Markets Advertise Online

With the rise of mobile devices being used for entertainment and news, the need for television is waning. Advertisers who heavily rely on television commercials are now turning to selling their wares before a user can view their selected streaming video. This is increasing online video advertising budgets for a wide variety of companies. Those advertising a certain brand are also broadening their market by streaming video ads online, giving them a global audience. This trend will continue to grow as more and more customers turn to online and mobile video streaming for all their news and entertainment needs.

Not only are the use of internet streaming video ads increasing, quality streaming video on desktop computers and mobile devices will increase the demand for even higher quality television, especially since now viewers are streaming video from the PC to the TV. However, now that viewers have access to all their favorite shows on-the-go, the need to sit in front of a large screen with cable and satellite television service is dwindling. Industry experts speculate that by 2015:

  • Video will take up two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic
  • More than half of the 6.3 exabytes crossing the mobile network each month will be videos
  • “Mobile-connected tablets will generate as much traffic…as the entire global mobile network in 2010”

Whether you’re multitasking or wanting to reach multiple markets, you can do it all with online video streaming. DDA Video has the equipment and experienced staff to produce a video that will sell, inform, or entertain, and by putting this video online, you will reach a global audience.

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