How Videos Go Viral

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a top viral video these days. Ask the guy who saw a double rainbow or the cat who plays the piano. So many online videos that have gone viral, or increased popularity through internet sharing, have starred people or animals that don’t make the news on a daily basis, until their video catches the attention of millions online.

There are marketing and advertising experts that say you need a strategy to make your video viral. This could work for some people, but others just get lucky. Many who have video clips that go viral on YouTube or similar websites say they couldn’t believe so many people watched their wedding proposal or procession online. The subject just happens to strike a chord with people over and over again that they feel compelled to share it with a friend on Facebook or through Twitter, casting it out into the World Wide Web for all to see.

How to Make Your Video Viral

For those who don’t believe in luck, there are a few ways to increase a video’s chance of becoming viral:

  1. Great Content: viewers will share what they like and what they think others will like. The more unique, useful, relatable, or funny a video is, the more likely someone will share it with others.
  2. Large Network: It helps to already have a large number of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, then once you post your video to these sites, it already has the potential to be seen by a large audience. It also helps to have friends who also have a wide reach. If they share it on their page, the numbers of viewers grows. Having a strong social network that includes people with influence can give you the boost you need.
  3. Be Thankful: Keep an eye on who is sharing and retweeting your video, and thank them for the share. When your video appears on larger blogs and mainstream media, be sure to share those links as well.

The use of videos online for education, marketing, and entertainment will only continue to grow. If you have the right content and a strong enough network, your video has the potential to go viral, and your work will be shared with the world. If you have an idea and need a company to help bring it to fruition through video, contact DDA Video. Once your video is filmed and edited by DDA, you’ll be proud to share it with everyone you know.