I’m Over Snow!

As a kid, I couldn’t ever imagine the day I grew tired of snow. It seemed like the entire world stopped just so my friends and I could stay home from school, bundle up and use our wildest imaginations to entertain ourselves outside. Not once did we stop to think about what happens to local commuters, air travelers, and public transportation riders. Why would we? After all, that was what the grown ups worried about.

As I grew older into my college years, snow still had some redeeming value. Classes were canceled if the roads were too bad for professors and commuters. Since I lived within walking distance from my classes, the slick roads didn’t bother me as much. Plus, having a day off was a great opportunity to brush up on some reading, fine tune a term paper, or work on a project.

Now that I’m an adult, I am finally saying it: I’m over the whole snow thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it because I still have to come into work regardless of weather. It’s more about digging out my car from the side of the road, the danger of icy back roads and highways (my car has awful traction in the snow), and worrying about family members/friends on delayed flights.

On top of all of the snow we got this past weekend (I was in Phoenixville and we got over two feet!) , we’re supposed to get hit with another snow storm mid-week. DDA is taking the necessary precautions by closing shop on Wednesday and re-opening on Friday.

Whether we get 3 feet of snow or a measly dusting, the talented people at DDA and DDA Medical are constantly creating eye catching custom websites, medical animations, high definition videos, and web media. So the next time you’re snowed in, check us out online at www.zeroonezero.com and www.ddamedical.com!