Good To Be Back

Last week I missed my humans…they were away in Mexico. One day, if I find a canine friend, I might just want to try such an adventure! It would be fun to run away, with another dog, of course. I would be in charge. But that is in the future. Today, I was happy to get in the car and ride all the way to work. Everyone said they missed me, and I got to charge up and down the stairs, one of my favorite things. Elizabeth says the landscapers are making sure there is no poison ivy in the backyard before they put up my cable run. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about not being able to really chase a squirrel. But it will mean outdoor time and that sounds great. Meantime, I’m happy we are back to our routine. Coming to work, going to meetings, wondering which of the staff’s sandwiches I can share. Ah, it is good to be back.