Indie Chiming In

Hi! Remember me? Indie. I am the official resident dog. I belong to Laurence, but when I am at DDA, I play with anyone who wants to interact with me.

What’s my day like? Well, we get started early around here. Most of the staff rolls in at 7:55, that’s am, and once the main door is unlocked, I do my morning jaunt around the big room, and then become the official greeter. There are conference calls in the big room upstairs. For those I’m quiet  because there are unseen clients, and I want them to know we are a very well behaved group, but man, some of those calls are long. Feels good when I hear the phone click “off” and I can stretch.

It’s getting cold outside so we don’t eat lunch in the backyard anymore. Still, the DDA offices are big enough to run if I am so inclined. Then I take a nap. The Video Studio is nice and quiet most days. So life is good.

Now if Elizabeth would just remember to cook some big bones with meat and grizzle for me to enjoy. Maybe next week.