Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Yesterday was really hot. Erin and Laurence sat there in our hot living room deciding what to do, watching me pant furiously. I tried dropping big hints by whining and pacing lots, which usually gets us out the door and on the way to the park. Not able to take my panting much longer, they finally got off their lazy bums and we headed out the door, yes! They said something about taking me to Fairmount Park for my first swim of the summer, cool. I was kind of tired already from all the whining and pacing, not to mention the sweltering ride but once there, we walked through the cooler forest, down to the water. It took a bit of time to find an available stretch of the Wissahickon river that wasn’t being used by fishermen or kids cooling off from the hot heat, not that I wouldn’t mind splashing with them. I couldn’t help myself, they let me off the leash and I tore off down the hill, jumped down a rocky ledge and went straight into the water. We found a great little spot with deep pools, a little rapid and most importantly, lots of sticks! Man, I was so excited, I forgot how scared I was last year of the deeper water and just went swimming around all over the place; in the deep pools, across to the other side, in the rapids, against the current, it was awesome! Hopefully each time we go to the park they will let me swim.

Today, Laurence asked me if I thought swimming was like motion design, which he is writing about today. I thought, well, if you’re so excited about getting into it and once you’re in you can’t stop having fun, then yes, motion design is a bit like swimming.

just keep swimming