Lights, Camera, Action!

Ready for my close up again, but I don’t think that all the hub bub in the video studio is for me. I would not mind though if it were. I saw Laurence put a stuffed toy on the green screen, and he and Jake are going back and forth about angles and lighting and other video talk that is beyond me. Debbie was in here too. She’s playing a seal in this drama. This afternoon they are videotaping two people for another website project. I’ll be quiet and watchful. I love how much room there is in the new office,  and nowhere is off limits except the kitchen when people are eating. So, if I’m bored, I’ll roam. Mostly, I stay close to Laurence. It is my job to be where he can see me, so he does not worry. If I’m good, maybe he’ll take me swimming again. It is so hot these days, a swim sounds like a great way to cool off!