What’s In A Hat?

Party HatIndie

A dog wearing a party hat…what will they think of next? But I was very good and let them put those silly things on my head. Even the girlie ones. I preened once or twice. Guess I did a good job because when the clients came in, they liked me in their product so I am going to be on the cover of their brochure. Check out the pictures. The other model was a bulldog named lunchbox, and he looked like a lunchbox too, if you know what I’m saying. All told, I tried to stay away from the lights and cameras while Melissa was shooting, it was a bit noisy and chaotic. Even the little boy hated the hats on his head, Every time his Grandmother placed one on him, he would squirm and then cry. I’m glad I was here for the experience though. One thing about spending the day at Dynamic Digital Advertising, it’s never boring. Wonder what’s next? Hope it has to do with food. I would really enjoy that.