Invest = Success

Lately, I’ve been spending more money than I probably actually have. I have the normal bills to pay, but I’ve also been buying a lot of video equipment. Before I started here at DDA, I had been doing a lot of freelance video work and since I had just graduated from college, my constant access to whatever I needed for a shoot had been cut off. So for about the last seven months, I have slowly been building my own personal collection of toys. I started with buying a camera, some new software, and a bunch of accessories for the camera. That was a huge chuck of change. Then, once my bank account recovered a little, I was offered to edit a feature and I (mistakenly) thought I needed another computer for that job. Thankfully they payed well, but my wallet was pretty empty after that. Now I’m prepping a small little documentary tour that has been in the works since before my time at DDA and there are a few things that are not cheap that need to go into that.

But honestly, making an investment into your product is what makes the outcome so much better in the end. I’ve worked on hundreds of video projects and I can trace a lot of them back to previous projects. It’s the constant improvement that gets you noticed. One gig leads to another.

The same is true both here at DDA, and for those who use our services. Not only can you take advantage of all we have to offer, but the product we produce will greatly impress your intended audience. Just this week we got a lot of equipment that we are taking with us across the country for a video webcast at the end of the month. Since we are always investing in ourselves, why don’t you?