15 scripts 8 hours

The video shoot yesterday was a tremendous success. We breezed through 15 scripts in 8 hours! That is quite a feat considering that each script was over a page in length and included several screen actions and character interaction. Elliot is a really talented actor, not only for his consistency, but also his ability to improvise. I’m sure any other actor would have taken twice as long and been half as funny. Debbie also did a great job despite not having any prior voice over experience. I think both actors really thrived on each other’s creativity. Everyone stayed in good spirits considering the length of the shoot and the constantly rising temperature of the studio. We weren’t so strict about getting all of Debbie’s lines perfect since we will have unlimited access to her for re-shoots. Now I can begin processing and editing the footage. Rob is on vacation this week, so Vinnie will be taking over SEAL 3-d modeling duties.