3D Animations and Flash Programming Combine To Form a Learning Tool

For the past few months, Rob has been animating a highly detailed 3-D model that shows the various stages of human swallowing. Working closely with a medical professional who specialize in the field, Rob has been able to re-create this process in a 3-D environment with stunning accuracy. Once complete, the model will be used as a learning tool to simulate various issues associated with the swallowing process for doctors training in the field.

Our team of programmers have designed a website interface that will show the 3D animation along side an x-ray video of the same swallowing action. Doctors can then compare the two videos to get a complete understanding of how each issue looks. After examining each set of videos, an online quiz will be administered to grant the doctor accreditation in that specific area.

This is just one of the many learning tools that DDA CMT has created. To see more, go to DDACMT.com.