A Full Service Video Production Studio

Here at DDA Video we have a full service in house video studio where we tape the majority of our productions. The studio features several color backdrops as well as a massive green screen that allows us to superimpose actors into any environment. A variety of studio lights are suspended from the ceiling, allowing us to create any number of lighting scenarios. The studio also features a dolly and a crane for those smooth rolling and sweeping cinematic style shots.

We record directly to a hard drive so we can instantly capture the footage to one of our several edit stations. Each station is equipped with the Adobe Production Suite which includes After Effects for creating stunning graphic animations and Encore, which allows us to burn the final product to Blu-Ray DVD.

We also have an isolation booth for voice-over recording. The booth is equipped with a direct-to-phone patch box that allows us to broadcast the voice-over recording session live to clients on the phone. They can then give immediate feedback without actually coming into the studio.

Check out DDAVideo.com to see examples of what we have created in out studio!