A Little Training Goes a Long Way

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time working in Flash on a training CD-ROM for a medical device manufacturer. This particular project synchronizes photos of the product in use, screen captures of its software and animated text with a voice over explaining the proper operating procedures. The interface is somewhat interactive as well, requiring the user’s full attention while playing. DDA Video has been creating high-quality and effective training videos, CD-ROMS, web tools and games for many years now.

Now, with the launch of DDA CMT, users can pinpoint just the type of training tool they need. We provide everything from customer service training, human resources training, management training, product or service training, sales training, informing colleagues, informing patients and medical manufacturing training.

DDA can even provide Training Validation, Certification, and Accreditation. If you have information that needs to be retained then we have an effective way to get the message across. Head over to DDACMT.com and see how we can help your company!