A Man and His Seal: The Saga Continues

Not much new to report on our end. We just finished up the rotating jewelry videos, so we will be sending out 850 of those bad boys some time this week. We are still working diligently on the CMT videos. Rob has rendered out an entire 3-D sequence with rough screen actions for the seal and everything matches up perfectly. Things are looking great, although Syntheyes is starting to have trouble getting a crisp solution. Often, I have to run the solver multiple times to get it to track the motion correctly. I believe it has something to do with the use of the tripod, so that issue will have to be investigated. Since we will be working on lip syncing for the SEAL soon, I have begun re-recording the audio for any segments that were a bit shaky for Debbie. Once that is complete, I’ll just need to do some minor audio editing and I will send it over to Rob who will animate the Seal’s mouth. Soon we will have a fully composited video so keep a look out!