A Man and His Seal

January is almost half over already and I couldn’t be happier. I have already begun planning my spring break! In the mean time, I am just focusing on staying warm. Luckily, it is plenty warm inside our video studio, which thanks to our new insulation, is a few degrees warmer than the rest of the building. We also stay warm by keeping busy.

Rob and Vinnie been hard at work completing more 3-D animations for DDA CMT. The video for the general corporate section should be completed within the next several days. The videos feature a sassy animated seal and his quirky companion, IS. Seal stands for Self Education Through Advanced Learning and IS Intelligent Spokesperson. The videos use motion tracking to match the 3-d animation with the video footage and they really look great.

DDA CMT is a division of DDA that focuses on corporate and medical training. This includes training videos, training games, training applications, and even web-casts. These can even be made portable for use on an iPod or PDA. Check out DDACMT.com to find out more!