An Update From the World of Corporate and Medical Video Production

Hello again!  After a brief hiatus, I have returned to the blogging world to regale you with tales of corporate and medical video production.  Things have been as busy as ever down here at DDA Video, with a variety of neat projects in the works.

Over the past few weeks we have done several voice-over recordings.  The first was for a website we are designing for a condom manufacturer.  Five different actors came in the studio to record pieces that will play behind a Flash animation that Vinnie has been working on.  It looks very cool!  In addition to Flash animation, the website also features streaming video, music, sound effects and more!  Another voice-over recording was done for a medical manufacturer in Argentina.  This shoot was interesting because the client was sent mp3s of each take so they could give feedback in real time while the actor was still in the studio.  The result was a recording that the client was 100% happy with; and that is all that matters.

Other projects include ring and pendant spin videos and photos for a jewelry retailer, and a PowerPoint synced to voice-over for a medical manufacturer.  We have also been adding our past projects to YouTube.   Check em out!