Archiving Makes Video Updates a Breeze

Archiving is a very important part of operations here at DDA Video. More often than not, after a project is completed, it will resurface in the near future. Since there are so many ways to use a video for marketing, clients want to get the full potential out of their videos. A video that was originally produced as a promotional DVD can easily be converted into a website video or cut into a television commercial. Trade show coming up? Well we can convert your video to play on multiple screens or loop indefinitely. The possibilities are truly endless.

A medical manufacturer and long time client of ours is constantly requesting new versions of older videos. Since all work we do is archived, it is a simple task to make a change to a voice-over or add a new logo into an existing video. Then the video can then be output to Blu-Ray DVD, SD DVD, Flash for web, Quicktime, Windows Media, even VHS! Television spots can even be converted to Beta. At DDA Video, no job is too large or too small. Just check out the extensive amount of projects that we have created for past clients: DDA Video.