Around and Around They Go

Just a few months after we finished processing over 850 rotating jewelry videos, a project was approved to do 850 more! Actually, we can still use the same source video, we just need to swap out the current watermark with a new company’s. Unfortunately, After Effects has no batch processing system, so I am left to doing each one by hand. It isn’t difficult, just monotonous and time consuming. Simply turn off the current watermark, insert the new one and copy over any masks that were needed. Then render. Each charm only takes about 2 minutes. But that is 2×850=1700/60=about 28 hours. And that is not factoring in the more difficult reflective charms that require a bit more time to mask. I suppose I should get used to it. These days Americans buy that majority of their products online. A video of the product rotating gives them piece of mind. The customer knows exactly what they are buying. I am sure more and more clients will be calling for rotating product videos in the future!