Back it up!

About 6 months ago, the computer I was working on decided it was all over and stopped working. My worst nightmare had come true. I had my fingers crossed hoping that it could be recovered, but it was no use, it had to be reformatted. I panicked. What if I needed those files for a project? Luckily, everything had been backed up on a series of external hard drives. Because of the large size of video files, I currently have 4 external hard drives and may be adopting another soon. I try to keep my files on 2 different drives at the same time, that way if one decides that it is going to take a long vacation, I will always have the files I need. Also, raw video is always available in our tape library, which is growing more and more each day. Finally, when a project is completed, both the raw files and finished product are burned to DVD and put in the archives where they can easily be accessed years from now. Better safe than sorry!