Back on the Attack

Upon returning from a short vacation this morning, I opened my e-mail to find an inbox full of new goings on.

The CMT videos made some progress while I was away. A test video has been integrated into the html and it is looking super cool! They are still rough versions, but they are gradually taking shape.

Some old projects also have surfaced. Many months ago we shot a website spokesperson video for a well known textbook manufacturer. Shortly after, the company underwent some changes so the project was put on hold for quite some time. It is back in full swing now and I’ll be working on some proof versions for approval. Look for some sweet silhouette footage!

In other news, the interview footage that we shot in Maine has been approved so that will be integrated into a website in the near future. Also, the script for a physical therapy video has been approved so there will be a meeting soon to discuss some screen actions. That’s all for now. Bye!