Burnin’ Those DVDs

We got the OK to go ahead and create the DVD for the nanny recruiting video. This had to be one of the smoothest projects that we have done in a while. Granted the video is very simple, but other factors certainly come into play. A major factor is the actor that is chosen. A poor or inexperienced actor may not take direction well or use clear pronunciation which leads to longer video shoots and more editing. Luckily, Faith was very talented and considering the size of the script (15 minutes), the shoot went quickly.

Another factor that comes into play is the client. If the client has a clear idea of what they want, it makes my job so much easier. A client that is indecisive requires many proof versions of the project trying different approaches. This not only leads to increased editing time, but render time as well. Some clients are so sure of what they want, they will provide you with an edit list. Now that is a treat!

The main reason this project was completed in such a short time is the fact that there are no graphic elements. Graphic animations can add so much to a project and I really enjoy working on them, but the creation and rendering can be very time consuming.