Communication is Key

Creating a video is an arduous process that requires a constant dialogue between creator and client. The client often has a very specific idea of what they want their video to look like and what they want the video to say. It is difficult to accurately describe the look and feel of a video, so often it takes many versions before the video takes its true form. The creator offers suggestions and adds their own unique touch and then sends a proof to the client. The client responds promptly with feedback. The creator makes the suggested changes to the best of their ability and in a matter that will benefit the project the most. The process repeats until both sides are happy with the finished product. This constant dialogue between client and creator is so very important is creating a successful video quickly and efficiently. If there is no communication and the video begins to go in an undesirable direction, no one may notice until much precious time has been wasted. It is like paddling a rowboat with only one paddle. You’ll end up going in circles. Let DDA be your other paddle.