Cool New Website Design

Last week was quite busy here at DDA.  Everyone was working together to get a new website design ready for a client.  This particular website was quite in depth and had all kinds of cool Flash and HTML trickery.  While there wasn’t any actual video, I was still able to lend a helping hand by processing images and incorporating them into the XML code.  XML is kind of like a reference for the Flash.  It tells the Flash what images go where and the information regarding their respective links and texts.  It is an easy way to keep complex Flash animations organized.  Our crew worked diligently through the week and finally completed the bulk of the site’s content Thursday evening.  It is looking great and everyone should pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Another project that kept us busy last week was the virtual trade show booth.  This is an interactive Flash animation set up to look like a trade show booth.  The user can spin it, zoom in and click on pictures to get more information.  It is a really cool way to present various products and services.  I helped out by processing images and XML for this project as well.

With both of those projects well on their way, and others on the horizon, we await the clients’ feedback.  Just another day at DDA.