Corporate CD-ROM Catalogs May Revolutionize Shopping

Today we have a video shoot for a light that is to be added to a CD-ROM catalog that has been in production for over a year now. This project has really blossomed since it began in February of 08 with the production of 5 spokesperson videos, 6 different rotating light videos and an interactive jukebox tool. The company has grown significantly since then and many products have been added to the catalogs already extensive selection. Each product has a detailed description and zoomable image so the customer is as informed as possible. If the user has an Internet connection, they may place orders online through the CD-ROM. Through the combination of flash animation, video production, and CD-ROM design, DDA was able to create a state of the art catalog that will revolutionize the way people shop. Check out some other CD-ROM and DVD projects we have created at the DDA Portfolio.